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Camper Trolley Motor Mover UK

The Camper Trolley Motor Mover

The Camper Trolley Motor Mover is fresh to the UK after huge success in the rest of Europe. Its revolutionary design provides an innovative solution to the limitations of the caravan movers presently on the market. To move your caravan there is no need to fix it to the van as it requires no fitting at all, attach the bracket with NO DRILLING OR WIRING.

This compact Motor Mover is driven into place and then attaches onto the caravan and then you position the caravan using the remote control. Just looking at the mover shows how robust and innovative the design is, the twin tracks ensure that the caravan mover doesn't become bogged down.

The Camper Trolley is ideal for vans with low clearance problems.  Many conventional caravan movers have been ripped off on speed bumps and driveways but this isn't a problem for the Camper Trolley as it isn't fixed to the van.

This Motor Mover is also ideal for multi vehicle use as you can simply remove the bracket or buy an extra bracket.  It also means that you can simply take the bracket off when you sell your caravan and you don't lose your investment.

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